w/ Animistic Beliefs + Fgy + Cr33p.exe + DTR


Muziek Podium

RECYCLART 13-15 Rue de Manchester B1080

Trans-Fixed is een feest door en voor trans, non-binary en queer personen met als doel transbeauty te vieren. Allies zijn welkom! Kunst, performance en muziek worden gemixt tijdens een nacht vol queer vreugde en empowerment.



????  Animistic Beliefs

With their profound take on electronic music, Animistic Beliefs have steadily solidified their spot in the global underground. Influenced by cultural concepts such as ancestry, animism and mythology, as well as the languages of political techno, punk, bubbling and IDM, Linh Luu and Marvin Lalihatu consistently translate their visions into sensitive productions as well as high-octane live performances.


????  Fgy

FGY is a Brussels based sound artist, audio engineer, DJ and producer. In taking inspiration from a wide array of influences, their work defies genre; in considering their relation to the emotional landscape of the current moment, FGY’s DJ mixes tend to be evolutionary in nature. Through the blending of atmospheres, FGY’s sound is defined by an inward and outward emotional dialogue spoken in their signature BITCHBOY dialect.


????  Cr33p.exe

creep.exe blends bewitching body music, cinetic percussive club with heavy and groovy bass music. Her music goes to sensuality and shared silliness on the dancefloor.

Her practice of electroacoustic composition has enriched her tastes for rich and alienated textures that she wants to bring in the club !


????  DTR

DTR is the brand new Brussels based duo consisting of marlen and STELLIUM. The duo brings together their love for dark and twisted sounds, industrial techno, breaks and heavy bass that will kick your ass. With transfixed, they could not have asked for a better club debut.

Souncloud Marlen:
Soundcloud Stellium: 
23:00 > 05:00
doorsale only

Respect eachother, respect yourself. 

Discrimination, abuseandharassment of any kind willnotbetolerated. Ifyoudon't feel safe, pleasereach out toourstaff (Bar, Door, WC). Look out foreachother. 
Get informedabout drugs, beaware of the effect of these substances on your body and mind. Care foryourselfandothersaroundyou. 
Denk aan onze buren. Pensez à nosvoisins. Pleasebequietwhengoing out anddon'tthrowyourtrash in ourstreets 





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