Unmasking The #Controversy

Spill The Trance x Club Dérive

Muziek Podium

RECYCLART 13-15 Manchesterstraat B1080

⊹ Welcome 2 Spill The Trance x @club.derive
Unmasking The Controversy: an avant-garde fusion of art and music celebrating diverse young artists in Brussels and Ghent. ‎݁ ˖༘⋆⊹₊ ⋆。˚
⏰ Get ready for a an intense 9 to 5 that will tickle all your senses.
~~ Tea Ceremony [TBA]
~~ Performances & Visual Artists [TBA]
❤️ Dj Justgirlythings
???? adash rinn b2b MOLLYLOVED#YOU (Spill the Trance)
???? CYVIRA (Clara, Club Derive)
???? A$$TER
???? egidius
Our goal is to unite the art scenes, with a special focus on Queer and POC communities, fostering an inclusive atmosphere where creative expression flourishes freely. Embracing deliberate experimentation, our event delves into the theme of Controversy, exploring impactful debates and binary narratives, providing a liberating platform for artists to defy labels and engage with audiences through sensationalism, humor, and satire. ‘Spill the Trance’ disrupts traditional themes, drawing inspiration from tabloids, pop culture, and celebrity dynamics to present bold visuals and empower queer and POC artists. This event beckons attendees to delve into diverse human experiences, sparking meaningful conversations, celebrating resilience and creativity, and fostering lasting connections. Join us for a transformative multidisciplinary experience at #TheControversy
@bronkstheater @afondsbrussels
21:00 > 05:00
Tickets 12€
+ more tickets at the door 
Respect each other, respect yourself.
Discrimination, abuse and harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. If you don't feel safe, please reach out to our staff (Bar, Door, WC). Look out for each other.
Get informed about drugs, be aware of the effect of these substances on your body and mind. Care for yourself and others around you.
Denk aan onze buren. Pensez à nos voisins. Please be quiet when going out and don't throw your trash in our streets


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