w/ Ossia + Raja + + Terrine



RECYCLART 13-15 Rue de Manchester B1080


Polytope neemt Recyclart over. Haal je beste hoodies tevoorschijn en kom genieten van deze korte winterse klaarte om te dansen en je op te warmen op diepe en stuiterende klanken. Op het menu: DJ-sets van Ossia, een figuur uit de Bristolse dub/bass-scene, Raja, resident van Ruffcast, lokaal talent, en een live-optreden van Terrine, een artiest uit Amiens die getekend heeft bij Thirty Type Tapes.

Join us in celebrating POLYTOPIE #3 in our beloved Recyclart. We've decided to offer a slightly different format so that you can enjoy the cloudy dubby atmosphere that will reign this afternoon before shaking your feet and your head as the night falls. From Bristol to Marseille through Amiens and Bx, they⇣ will bring us into an another dubby-bassy-noisy level ! 
✧ OSSIA (Young Echo)

Ossia's sound world is an amalgamation of heavy-weather, beyond-good-and-evil soundsystem poetics, channelling raw and rootical techno, isolationist abstraction, and dub at its most turbulent and raw-nerved and space-time-warping. Bristol born, now Brussel bassed, ready to woob-woob.
✧ TERRINE [live] (Bruit Direct)

Claire Gapenne, an artist and musician, performs in Terrine and in the duo Me Donner. Passionate about the arts, she has been part of the experimental scene since 2012, notably in the industrial rock band Headwar with whom she discovered other ways of performing music. Within the Amiens’ venue Accueil Froid, she also develops new projects and organises concerts. Born in 2013, her solo project Terrine develops spontaneous and immediate music.
 RAJA (Ruffcast)

Derived from the low frequencies of reggae dub and Afro-Caribbean influences, Raja has carved his path through the electronic spectrum, from dubstep to the broader hardcore continuum. A member of the Lille-based Ruffcast crew since 2015, he adeptly juggles dubstep, breaks, jungle, and anything related to UK Soundsystem culture. An eclectic passion for hybrid sounds, shaped by his Afro-descendant identity, defines his style behind the turntables.

✧ U.LY b2b DON CHAR (Garage 83c x Polytope)

The feisty decks-girl stamped 83-C turns on the club's suspension . Bouncy-festive music, happy hardtrance, distro-hyperpop & glitter ! She will be accompanied by our wonderkid, the mischievous Don Char.


17:00 - 00:00







Respect each other, respect yourself.
Discrimination, abuse and harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. If you don't feel safe, please reach out to our staff (Bar, Door, WC). Look out for each other.
Get informed about drugs, be aware of the effect of these substances on your body and mind. Care for yourself and others around you.
Denk aan onze buren. Pensez à nos voisins. Please be quiet when going out and don't throw your trash in our streets.

We gebruiken stroboscopen in de concertzaal van Recyclart. Die kunnen tot misselijkheid leiden. Als je een onaangenaam gevoel ervaart, verlaat dan de ruimte en licht een medewerker in.










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