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RECYCLART 13-15 Rue de Manchester B1080

For the 2023 edition of the ISAC Festival, we, the ISAC students, are taking care of the organization of this festival through the roles of technician, curator, extraordinary, coordinator, artist, performer
The festival space reflects our experience this year. To enter into a dialogue with the question of interdependence, we have imagined this year's program in the form of 4 sets of performances developed according to an ambience that unites the various proposals. We invite you to come and explore this complex, collective drama:
Foggy blues : A smell of a sweet refrain, that brings feelings of the old days. In the fog dancing with the dead ? Tears in the eyes draw nostalgics, sad, and violent realities, but always in the shadows.
Dripping: It goes out, it's dripping, it falls apart, OH shit sorry! oulala! hury! wait! It is flourishing, it's growing, it's drinkable, it's edible. We didn't really have the choice to be honest. Too many images, too many memories, too many roles we had to play. Maybe it’s time to strip a little. But not too much!
Cutting the excess: From my place I'm talking to you, listen to me. We will wait until the grass grows again where it has been trampled on. I will tell you my/one/some/ours stories. What remains after ?
Speaking out makes us want to…
Program me please!: Acid! Look, it's beautiful. I started by bringing something shiny. You dont believe it. OMG it’s so good!! I’m mesmerized, I buy it. I don't get it but I want more of it. DIY is nice
but a big budget is better ! DREAM BIG.
We'll be sharing workshops led by students, spaces for discussion and sharing, and we'll be closing this 2023 edition with a Crazy Party !
The festival was conceived and built with the desire to question the elements that link our practices. That's why we've decided to highlight the porous nature of our performative research. We're
questioning the interdependent relationships that accompany our collective development, which includes each individuality as well as our encounter with the Recyclart space. For these two days of the festival, we're a group of twenty students with a variety of practices, full of doubts. We want to invest the space with our multiple universes, whether they are political, poetic, angry, noisy, sexy,
discreet, funny, rhythmic, colorful or messy.
The festival will be governed by the same anti-discrimination charter as ISAC, which will be posted in the Recyclart area. We will not tolerate transphobic, homophobic, sexist or racist acts. When you address someone, don't hesitate to ask for their pronouns.
LOCATION : Recyclart 
Rue de Manchester 13-15 
1080 Molenbeek
DATE : June 15 & 16 2023
TIME : 16 :00 – 23 : 00






Discrimination, abuse and harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. 
If you don't feel safe, please reach out to our staff. Look out for each other.


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