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What can we learn from how children see the city? How can children’s play affect how we look at public space and our cities architecture? What are the practices that saw children take an active role in shaping their space, and what are the possibilities for new experiences in the future? 
Happy to finally to hold the publication of CUT THE KIDS SOME SLACK in our hands. The booklet is the result of an exchange between Recyclart and @spazioliberofestival : a collectif workshop of our Archikids and Italian-based Atelier Mobile with artist Francesca Chessa followed by a talk gathering practitioners from Belgium and Italy discussing the role of children in architecture. In particular, it explores urban, collaborative and participative practices in which children play a crucial role as recipients and active designers.
As birthrates across Europe continue to diminish and the population gets older and older, the focus in the architectural discussion is progressively shifting toward people in later stages of life and the way in which they interact with architecture and the city. In the current scenario, children and their parents risk becoming less politically relevant and unable to attract the attention of public administrations and private investors alike. For adults, childhood is a mystery, a lost world of wonder. Children are not only people that need to be included and protected in cities but can also be creative agents that carry their own points of view. In particular, the dimension of play and adventure plays a crucial role in children's minds, a role that we, as adults, often forget. The talk postulates that working with slack space requires a playful mind: so let’s see how we can cut the kids some slack.
Spazio Libero Festival  @spaziolibero_festival
 Archikids @kobebrussel
Atelier Mobile @ateliermobile_designbuild
Francesca Chessa @francescachessaillustrator 
Lisa Matthys @matthys_lisa
Maria Glioanna -@_in.habit_
Emanuele Barili  @Ecole Studio
Yannick Roels - Cultureghem and 

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