Troisième exploit de cette constellation : une soirée de musique et de vinyle de qualité pour les grandes occasions et la génération d'une énergie rare. Release your beast.


The vicuna is an animal living in the alpine areas of the Andes in South America and is a relative of the llama and alpaca. They have an extraordinary hearing. Vicunas produce extremely fine woo. The animal can only be shorn every 3 years. When this is done, it is a special occasion on which special parties are organized. VICUNA parties started in 2009 in Brussels with AAguilAA as the programmer and resident dj. Under the slogan “deep dark and dirty” VICUNA invited Legowelt, Suzanne Kraft, Juju&Jordash, Beautiful Swimmers, Hashman Deejay, Optimo, Ciel, Lovefingers, Tim Sweeney, Stellar OM Source, Different Fountains and other names they are proud of.

À partir du 1er octobre, l'application du CST (Covid Safe Ticket) est obligatoire pour les événements de masse. Pour plus d'informations, cliquez ici.



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