Miley Serious + Lyra Valenza + LazerGazer+ DJ Brom + Jorbiest


RECYCLART 13-15 Rue de Manchester B1080

Delighted to announce our first event at Recyclart since late 2022 — a lot of prominent talent on the bill from Paris, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Cologne.
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✧ Miley Serious ( ???????? — 99CTS RECORDS )
✧ Lyra Valenza ( ???????? — Petrola 80 )
✧ LazerGazer ( ???????? — Garage Noord )
✧ DJ Brom ( ???????? — SPA )
✧ Jorbiest ( ???????? )
✦ Miley Serious ✦
Parisian & New York City based DJ, label owner of 99CTS RECORDS, Miley Serious was born from the link between her two worlds : electronic & the punk scene. Between these two cities, she sets the foundation of 99CTS RECORDS her tape & zine label, but it’s in Paris that she will host her monthly show on Rinse France, using this platform to bring light on some of her favorite underground artists and scenes from around the world.
Through her sharp selections, she creates this universe of her own, chaining relentless sets that mingle bass, breaks, drum'n'bass, future club and more, putting her as one of the residents of the Rex Club and the infamous Killekill Berlin. In addition to that, you can find her curating radio take overs and events, bridging the gaps between platforms such as The Lot Radio (NYC), 8ball community (NYC) and her home Rinse France.
Already spotted by many media (HÖR, Boiler Room, Infinity Overdrive, Japan Nylon, Electronic beats...), Miley Serious carries a strong musical background, but also an energy that is demonstrated on any dance floor and all through passages noticed in France, Europe, United States or Asia.

✦ Lyra Valenza ✦
Fracturing their way out of the snoozy 4/4 paradigm to flourish in the all-engulfing rave hyperspace, Lyra Valenza create pulsating tapestries of mischievous electronics that resonate deep within shape-shifting webs of hybridized jungle, footwork extravaganza, high-velocity hardcore and glassy, future-ready atmospherics.
Behind the Latin-sounding moniker of Lyra Valenza actually hide Jens Konrad and Hjalte, aka the Copenhagen-based duo at the helm of cross-dimensional travellers’ haven, Petrola 80. Having released their debut, ‘Synkronudspring I Tomt Bassin’ [Synchronized Dive Into an Empty Pool], on their own label in 2017, the pair went on to explore further trance-y grounds on their noteworthy followup “Scan, Deliver” for Stephen Bishop’s ever-daring imprint, Opal Tapes in 2018.
Continuously blurring the lines betwixt straight out dancy motifs and mutant FX alterations from outer space, Lyra Valenza’s trouble-brewing, sample-heavy mashups have found an even brighter echo in their smashing live performances, allowing the duo to fully expand the textural and rhythmic wealth of their studio experimentations into the world of flesh and bone interaction.
This eagerness to build a full-blown post-sci-fi’esque universe and distinctively vibrant live experience out of a fragmented scope of influences was to be brought to another level in their outstanding A/V collaborations with French video artist Camille Doussy, also responsible for their music videos, which the crowd of the infamous Roskilde Festival has had the chance to witness in 2018, and that the rest of the world shall hear more of very soon.

✦ LazerGazer ✦

DJ, producer, and visual artist LazerGazer is a familiar face in Amsterdam nightlife. Whether she's playing her home turf at Kanaal40, Garage Noord, or far outside her hometown, LazerGazer always shows up with high energy and a big scoop of clubby eclecticism. The latter goes hand in hand with LazerGazer’s multi-layered universe, where being a DJ is just one of her many artistic practices.

✦ DJ Brom ✦
DJ Brom aka FRANCE ’98 is alocal to the Cologne & Düsseldorf club scene since many years. He started exploringhis eclectic and adventurous style of djing after hosting events in institutions such as Salondes Amateurs, RobeÊ Johnson, Gewölbe,Jaki and oP spaces such as K5 or Soyya Room where he became pax of the curatorial team. In late 2018 DJ Brom co-founded the label SPA Recordingswhere he contributed music for itsinitial release ‘safe needing aJention’ and staxed hosting a monthly slot on London's NTS radio focusing ondance music with a global perspective with all of its diñerent sideways.

✦ Jorbiest ✦
Multi-instrumentalist and allround producer jorbiest tends to all listeners. Synthetically dense textures wrapped in a blanket of heartwarming and often folky elements. All the while glooming with acoustic beauty and story-like progression.”
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Friday March 15th
23:00 - 05:00
Manchesterstraat 13
1080 Sint-Jans-Molenbeek
Design by Ruben Visser
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Presale: €10,6 + admin costs
via Resident Advisor
Doorsale: €13

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