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HE4RTBROKEN est un collectif belge qui fait entrer l’émotion dans les clubs. En se concentrant sur les sentiments et la réinvention plutôt que sur un genre musical en particulier, iels veulent offrir un havre de paix aux âmes solitaires qui aspirent à un dancefloor sur lequel pleurer et à une expérience cathartique commune. Leur équipe de djs résident·es comprend les fondateur·rices Liyo et Steff, ainsi que nevrland, le projet à quatre mains des producteurs Munix et ssaliva. Iels organisent des soirées dans notre ville depuis 2015, avec à chaque fois un line-up bien ficelé, avec ce soir:
Spanning from east London's late 90's rave scene, Pandora's Jukebox is an institution among the most seminal underground clubs in Europe and North America, and her monthly show 'Renegade Soundwaves' for NTS radio which she runs since 2016 is an absolute life changer and a first class demonstration of how to push textures, story telling and composition in "dj mixes", making them rather low pitch/high IQ sonic rituals, with generous weight of abstractions, 3d field recordings, elastic beats, brutalist basslines and techno with a capital NO. The body of artists she shared stages with is a further proof of her uninhibited and disparate approach to music, spanning from Arca, Ryoji Ikeda, Sunn O))), Einstürzende Neubauten, HTRK, Total freedom, and dj Hell. We're so honored to bring this absolute icon to Brussels for the first time (!!!!!)

Do we still need to introduce Asmara aka Asma Maroof??? Half of the Nguzunguzu duo, and an essential part of the genre defining collectives that were the Fade to Mind label, GHE20G0TH1K parties in New York, Wildness and Mustache Mondays in LA, her outputs, djing style and personality have been highly influential to the club scene as we know it today. Her sensual yet somber debut EP Let Ting Go embodies her adventurous relationship with sound, bridging elegant Indian strings and R&B sparkles with raw underworld drum patterns. Working with many vocalists, she’s especially worked closely with Kelela, producing tracks on all her releases. With filmmaker and frequent collaborator Wu Tsang, she’s scored Into a Space of Love, a piece on house music in NYC, and her short film One Emerging From a Point of View. Mesmerized by the connections sound makes internally, externally, and socially, she continues to explore its powerful storytelling capabilities, both behind the decks and on screen. Asmara played a memorable B2B dj set together with Manara at our 3 years anniversary party, and we couldnt be more happy to welcome her again, this time for a solo dj set <333

Growing up in Chicago’s South Side surrounded by music and constantly inspired by house music, footwork and drill music, SydFalls have started to dj a couple years ago amongst the pandemic, and have since been steadily rising and making waves with their blazing dj sets that can span from 160bpm techno to gospel songs at 5am for extra emotional communion at sunrise... Super excited to welcome their first show in Belgium :')

Amalcrossing is mostly known for her visual works, for which she utilizes the residual emotions of her childhood spent in both France and Morocco to create imagery reminiscent of her youth. Her sonic works prove to be equally full of sentiments and nostalgia, and have touched a special string in our hearts. The mix she recorded for our NTS show is an ultra melodic, climatic and beautiful journey, one of the brightest mixes we've been blessed to host. Having recorded mixes before with dida, Eterna and Malibu, this will be her first time playing a live dj set!

Our faithful team of resident djs will always be there for you :')


22:00 Doors
23:00 Start
05:00 End




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