LOSEBUMPS w/ cucci 2000 + Exmantera + emme (live) + MOESHA 13 + Sukubratz

Musique Arts de la scène

RECYCLART 13-15 Rue de Manchester B1080

???? LOSEBUMPS ???? Hybrid club, Experimental, Hard dance, Latinx core. Dancefloor glissant et brûlant de 22H à 05H w/
cucci 2000
emme (live)
22:00 - 05:00
10 € Tickets only at the door, come early
???? emme - live
Immersed in theatre from an early age, emme crafts visceral, emotional, and utterly enrapturing performances. Raised on a mixture of punk and rave music, she combines heavy vocals with detailed sound design to create bleak, dystopian worlds. In her shows, emo, hardcore, noise, and goth’s ragged aesthetics are contrasted with the more graceful elements of modern dance and performance art.
???? MOESHA 13

An underground icon in the international club scene, they sing, mix and produce, moving between fiery rap lyrics and a polished dancefloor aesthetic. MOESHA 13 is a multi-hyphenate artist from Marseilles whose sound fuses club, techno and Afro under a concept they call "gadjicore". Their musical work is marked by excitement, research and performance.
???? cucci 2000
From Murcia to Brussels, cucci2000 rocks the tempo of underground Latin and Spanish reggaeton, neoperreo and a touch of electronic music. Bringing back darksome, sun-drenched beats, cucci2000 will take us from sky to shadows.
???? Exmantera - hybrid set
Internet being @exmantera, always challenges themselves and their audience during performances, using their own made sounds and other media found from depths of the internet. loud sounds, broken rhythms,intimate loud sounds and remixed memories will make you feel.
???? Sukubratz

Swaying Latin-infused rhythms and rugged club beats, Sukubratz effortlessly oscillates between dark and playful with a substantial amount of slay in the mix. With their daring style, Chilean/Italian DJ has already hit the stages of Garage Noord, HOR, Den Anden Side,OXI, BBK Festival amongst many other line-ups. They have played internationally in Europe, as well as hitting different Latin American countries like Chile and Peru.
Respect each other, respect yourself.
Discrimination, abuse and harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. If you don't feel safe, please reach out to our staff (Bar, Door, WC). Look out for each other.
Get informed about drugs, be aware of the effect of these substances on your body and mind. Care for yourself and others around you.
Denk aan onze buren. Pensez à nos voisins. Please be quiet when going out and don't throw your trash in our streets
Des stroboscopes sont utilisés dans la salle du Recyclart Ils peuvent déclencher des malaises. Si vous ressentez des sensations désagréables, nous vous conseillons de sortir de l'espace et d’informer une personne de l’équipe.
We gebruiken stroboscopen in de concertzaal van Recyclart. Die kunnen tot misselijkheid leiden. Als je een onaangenaam gevoel ervaart, verlaat dan de ruimte en licht een medewerker in.

Tags : Concert / Soirée / CENTRE D'ARTS

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