w/ Blood of Aza + miss sheitana + oddd + Lamb K305 + Lapinocretino + Golce


Fire dancefloor w/ Blood of Aza + miss sheitana + oddd + Lamb K305 + Lapinocretino + Golce
Blood of Aza

Blood of Aza is a Surrey-based 19 yearold artist, producer and DJ. Shebegantogainprominence on SoundCloud releasing remixes of pop and rap idols, and has created a blissfulsonic palette forherself, rangingfromsoothing MIDI lullabymagicand speaker-blowing club edits, tohell-raisingambient soundscapes. 


miss sheitana

miss sheitana est une artiste, programmatrice musicale et dj basée à Genève. Ses sets oscillent entre club music, funk brésilienne, baltimore club et remixs des limbes d'internet. magic mashups only



oddd is an artist based in Brussels, playingaroundwith design, code, music and collective organising. With a soft spot for DIY principles, in their sets they gravitate to the sounds or early machine based dance music and the more odd productions of the now. 


Lamb K305

LAMB K305, the Berlin-based artist, is a dynamic and innovative perfromer known for its intense hard-corevocalsandscreaming, spanning genres from Bass to NoiseHard-Nore and New Cinematik.  Its research focuses on redefining body horror to a live sonic ecperiencepushing audience members partake in a collectiveecstaticexorcism. It has produced events in suchesteemedinstitutions as KV and Volksbühne. 

It has released on labels including IFZ, Danse Noire, The Brvtalist, Desktop Pop, Opal Tapes, Ashida Park, and Soul Feeder in collaborationsalongside XVII, Imaabs, Reelleand DJ GHEPARD. 

Despiteitspolarizing effect andsuccess, LAMB K305’s live performances are a true immersive experienceshowcasing its unwavering commitment to pushig itself to new heights and exploring new sounds and styles. 




LAPINOCRETINO shares her love for post-internet songs and pop-infused tracks in always sexy sets. Anti-techno mish-mashand pro-mashups, her mixes are funny-nerdy-girly and evolve between emotionnal-bootlegs and electro house tracks shedigs in internet’s every nook and cranny. Founderand resident DJ in the Collec’tiff Gab’hair, sheals othrows queer parties in Brussels. 


Golce is an interdisciplinary artist, sound designer and DJ from Switzerland. From fast BPM to slow, Golce skillfully blends contrasting intensities, aiming to dismantle the rigid genres of club culture. Golce’s sets bring back drama to the club culture. Oscillating between different genres such as dubstep, hardcore, jungle and noise, Golce’s quest aims to redefine the boundaries of today’s mainstream music. They push the limits of frequencies and challenge the established dancefloor norms, injecting a fresh sense of creativity and innovation into the musical landscape.

22:30 - 05:00
10 € tickets only at the door

Discrimination, abuse and harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. If you don't feel safe, please reach out to our staff. Look out for each other.
Get informed about drugs, be aware of the effect of these substances on your body and mind. Care for yourself and others around you.
Denk aan onze buren. Pensez à nos voisins. Please be quiet aeound the venue.


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