w/ Ange Paradiz + Changeline + Sarahsson + SVDL + White Prata


RECYCLART 13-15 Rue de Manchester B1080

Trash KiKi is a party,  

Trash KiKi is a community, a creature and a club.  

Trash KiKi is love, is fluid.  

Trash KiKi is an event series that focuses on alternative and hybrid club music and exclusively invites FLINTA* and/or queer artists. Curated and run by the queer team at RecyclartTrash KiKi invites the audience and artists to swim amongst the flaming currents of the party, envisioning a space that is queer, powerful, engaged, loving, fluid, and empowering. 


Ange Paradiz

Ange Paradiz is a Paris based DJ and artist. Blending genres such as jersey-club, noise, trap, dubstep or bailefunk, she handcrafts hybrid sets guiding you to forgotten places.  




Changeline, artiste hyperpop détonnante depuis 2022, bouscule la scène avec des paroles sans filtre abordant la santé mentale. Ses sons abrasifs viennent gratter le fond de votre cerveau. En 2022, Changeline explose avec une série de singles à succès : "OCTOPUS.LADY" cumulant 1.35 million d'écoutes et "ANARCONNASSE" frôlant les 650k écoutes. Changeline, c'est de l’hyperpop avec un esprit punk. 




Theatrical, and grotesque – the visually arresting live performances of Sarahsson are something to behold. By fusing classical music with metal, experimental electronics, and hardcore, the Bristol-based composer, producer, performance artist, and DJ creates a distinctly personal sound world in which she explores themes like queerness, identity, history, and belonging. Moments of sublime beauty are pierced by extreme sound design, destabilising rhythms, and earth-shattering percussion. 



SVDL is a Moroccanborn and Brussels basedartistThey express theirjourney in exile and theirqueernessthroughdifferentrhythmswith a big amazigh and arabic influence. 


White Prada

White Prata is a Brazilian woman who was banned from Facebook for using her own name. She inspired the pseudonym of music producer Elisabeth Prata. Born in Rio Grande do Sul, she worked for eight years with the Vorlat collective in Porto Alegre, where she developed the identity of her musical productions and Live PA. Her productions feature powerful bass and corrosive melodies, and they are always recorded live in a "jam" format. 



23:00 > 05:00

10 € doorsale only





Respect eachother, respect yourself. 


Discrimination, abuseandharassment of any kind willnotbetolerated. Ifyoudon't feel safe, pleasereach out toourstaff (Bar, Door, WC). Look out foreachother. 
Get informedabout drugs, beaware of the effect of these substances on your body and mind. Care foryourselfandothersaroundyou. 
Denk aan onze buren. Pensez à nosvoisins. Pleasebequietwhengoing out anddon'tthrowyourtrash in ourstreets 

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