w/ Yaleeza + Blacksapho + Holy Mary + ZOBAYDA + Arakaza + Kalunga + Rrated(L)ilith


Nightlife as a curationam and artistic platform. 
By QBIPOCS for QBIPOCS and friends. 
July 12th 
23:00 > 05:00
12€ at the door 
Doing the most is a queer, black, indigenous and people of colour focused initiative that aims to reimagine nightlife as a sensory, spiritual and joy-focused experience of togetherness. 
Nightlife is the black canvas through which we get to satisfy whatever creative urge and fiction we feel like exploring.
Nightlife is our material, like clay, it can be shaped to create a beautiful piece of art.
Be unapologetically the most, be too much, be extra in your own way, but ultimately be your own fucking creation. 
// WITH //

Yaleeza is a beautiful soul that walks among you spreading joy. She migrated from Suriname almost 6 years ago. In her former years she has worked with trans sex workers doing peer couseling and more. When she is not inspiring those around her she is a self proclaimed couch potato and proud of it. All in good love and laughs 

Blacksapho is the nighlife alter-ego of Brussels-based Black Queer fashionisto, a nurse by day, Dj by night. Blacksapho is passionate about sound and music, which has always been their escape from reality besides helping them connect with great people. If it's anything Black, count them in!

Holy Mary is an young emerging Dj. With their fresh and distinctive fusion of genres. He blends vibrant and energetic beats with traditional and contemporary arabic Melodies. 

ZOBAYDA is an Egyptian DJ and artist currently based in the Netherlands. In their creation of space with music they honor the tradition of bringing people together through rhythm and percussion. With the focus on energy instead of genre, they mix an array of beats and sounds with influences from around the global south and its diaspora. 

ARAKAZA (he/him) is a DJ born in Burundi and based in Amsterdam. Bridging together his east-African roots with industrial sounds for high-energy sets. He also brings some influence from the ballroom scene which he's a part of, playing multiple balls in Europe.
In a short timespan, ARAKAZA has graced various parties in the Netherlands such as X3 ,and played at venues such as De school and Garage Noord as well as abroad, from Horst festival to Possession. He is also one of the residents at Accra-based Oroko Radio and curates his own party “Kumata” which aims to bring together artists from the African diaspora within electronic and experimental music.


Nganga Mokosi is a multidisciplanary Congolese artist, performance name Kalunga. The name represents the barrier between the world of the living and the world of the spirit. She moves with spirit and her ancestors, but resides in the living world. She combines visuals, movement, sound and to trigger our senses the higher vibrations. She invites the audience to be part of this ritual. Everything in connected. 

Naomi Lilith Quashie is a transdisciplinary visual and performance artist based in Brussels.

She perceives artistic work, whatever the media, as an excuse to fictionalise herself by renewing her persona (infinitely) while creating mythologies in which her multiracial and multicultural queer body can find ascendance and place itself within a more global H/history.

From sculptural pieces to costume designing, from performances to nightlife event organisation, or writing while collaborating with culinary chefs. She strongly believes that decomparmentalizing our notion of what constitutes art allows to experience it on a more metaphysical and spiritual level.


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