BLOOM est un évènement qui a pour but de mettre la lumière sur les artistes belges afin de leur donner un espace pour s’exprimer et montrer leur art. Des tatoueurs aux lecteurs de tarot à l'âme, en passant par la musique de tous les genres et bpm. La soirée est organisée par KUMO, un collectif international, fraîchement installé à Bruxelles.




17:30 - 21:00 TATOOS + TAROT
17:30 - 00:30 


From tribal designs to twisted butterflies, Jordan Richardson puts forward fun and unique tattoo designs. Even though he is native to Guadeloupe, Jordan spends his time travelling all the way from Canada to Brussels to Paris and many more other destinations. During his travels he can guest at several tattoo studios, which is how his fame is becoming increasingly international. He started tattooing roughly three years ago and – in no time – has already made a name for himself on the Brussels tattoo scene. Other than his tattoos, Jordan also dabble in applying his art on tote bags, posters, and t-shirts. Always trying to connect himself and his art to his root and ancestors, Jordan is sure to give his customers a special and distinctive tattoo that represents him as much as it does his clients.



Although originally from Lyon, Natacaat finds her roots all over this world. Having travelled over half the globe, she has now found her peace and haven in Brussels where she has been living for the past two years. Natacha is currently working at the popular Singulier Tattoo Salon. Her journey as a tattoo artist also roughly started there. Ever since she started perfecting her craft there, Natacha is on the road to becoming a distinguished tattoo artist. Despite this penchant for the art of tattooing, she identifies herself as a multidisciplinary creator. In fact, Natacha also dabbles in painting, modelling, and making large-scale drawings of her art. This multidisciplinary aspect of hers can directly be found in her flashes, where the inspiration comes from other painters such as Keith Haring, Pablo Picasso, and Modigliani, Matisse, and even neo-classical art. As a woman, she finds it interesting to re-appropriate classically male art. Obviously, this does not solely define her. Natacha puts her brains, heart, and radiating charm into everything she does.



Valentin is originally from La Réunion but spent the larger part of his life in Montpellier. Over there, he developed and imposed himself as a growing tattoo artist. Peculiar and unique, his tattoo style is largely inspired by childlike cartoons but turned darker. He mainly works through hand poke, making his art even more personal. Other than that, Valentin also sells prints of his work – combining his flash tattoos and his own drawings.



Studio Narcisse is the sartorial narrative of Brian's biography starting by how he fell into fashion through the constant observation of his creations in the mirror as his truest and critical point of view. According to him the concept of Narcissism was and still is very present in fashion but also our contemporary society with the growth of social media. Nonetheless it should not be regarded as a negative characteristic but rather as a current of self-appreciation, improvement, and evaluation. Studio Narcisse is an open portfolio for the people to witness the progress within the work and exploration of a fashion student.



Surrealist videos and visionary environments are routine for 3D Artist Rocco Manta. Rocco is a noteworthy creative, due to his eye-catching, one-of-a-kind images and distinctive perspective. He is inspired by classic video game aesthetics and retro computer graphics, creating a nostalgic mood while also transporting us to his nearly psychedelic and surrealist universe. As a skilful music producer, Rocco expertly juggles both his passions of 3D design and music. His distorted vision and exquisite musical ear distinguish him as a one-of-a-kind inspirational artist.



Charlotte Perin is an out-of-the-ordinary artist and student from the LUCA School of Arts in Brussels. She gives us a peek of her bright and colourful universe in each of her paintings. Charlotte's surrealist vision is flawlessly blended with enticing colours that immediately capture your attention. From dinosaurs to naked women, her distinct esthetic and general originality pervade her work.



Adam is a 22-year-old Belgian and Congolese interdisciplinary artist (dancer, illustrator, painter). He is a communication student who also enjoys art. He mainly focuses in the "black art", not necessarily in a militant sense, but in the interest of awakening consciousness, with a devotion to sublimating the black community. He devotes his art to the representation of the black woman, in order to restore her image too often despised in society. To do this, he decides to centre his message on a certain topic, such as love. Love in its broadest meaning, love of oneself, love of the other, the relationship with others, the relational dilemma of identity...



Photographer, Aster LG, was born in 2000 in Leuven, Belgium. She built her passion for photography through the relationship with her father, who throughout her childhood taught her how to shoot using digital and analogue cameras. Having lived in numerous places around the world “Geneva, Brussels, N.Y.C, Washington D.C and London”, the young photographer is currently doing a master’s degree in Cultural Studies in Leuven. For Aster, who took a long hiatus from photography, picking up her cameras again, in 2020, was somewhat natural for her, she explains to our editors “I am extremely influenced by Surrealism! I love taking pictures that at a first glance look aesthetically pleasing, but when you have a second look you realise something is off, I find that very conceptual I guess.”



Leandro began studying art in 2015 at the institute of art at St Luc. There, he first discovered his painting skills. His inspirations are the realistic paintings done by Renaissance masters like Caravaggio, Da Vinci, Rembrandt and many more. In 2019, he received his first commission work and participation in exhibitions.



Jeranyom is tailor-made clothing and accessories made from different upcycled fabrics. How does it work? She posts the clothes made indicating whether they are available or not knowing that the shapes are always available, it’s the fabric that varies according to the finds. Fabrics that are in permanent can be found on her story! For sizes it’s possible to make any, the clothes can be custom made and it happens that the presented clothes are available as is. If you want the same fabric, its availability is indicated in description each time and updated.



Carmine is a student at Brussels' Saint-Luc Art School. Carmine saw an open window of opportunity after his initial exposure to a tapestry course and reinterpreted his craft. Carmine reinforced himself via this discovery, embracing a feminine sensibility and imposing an unconscious virility, to continue to play with this tool everywhere, captivated by the effort and physical performance of repetition. He's now nestled in like a hook and has fully discovered his own tool. His purpose is to showcase crochet know-how, rediscover, recreate, and share it. From bobs to rugs, Carmine does not restrict himself and displays the positive and ecological uses of crochet.



A student in jewellery and economics, Louise created her jewellery brand Boucle d'Or a year ago. She creates handmade jewellery that combines finesse, pearls, and semi-precious stones. She has always been passionate about art and tries to create a range of original jewellery full of character according to her current inspirations. They are creations that are like her and are made for everyday life. Her greatest motivation is to see people happy to wear the jewellery she creates. All her jewellery is made of stainless steel, so it is water resistant and does not lose its colour.



Wutangu is a modern and dynamic astrologer, fortune teller and spiritualist. Her approach aims to understand the superpowers and challenges of her consultants and to give them the keys to pursue their research independently. Currently training in neuroscience, Wutangu's path is clearly linked to personal development. Her Afro-descendant and queer identity constantly challenges the theories of all these practices to be radically inclusive. Wutangu's certainty is that the fate of the stars does not exist, we always have free will. It is up to us to manipulate the energies in the best way according to our predispositions.



Léo Jean Joachim is a young photographer based in Brussels. As a student at ENSAV la Cambre, he is interested in the territories and spaces that lie between the imaginary and reality. He questions the photographic medium by focusing on the relationship between documentary and fiction. Through the use of colour, a guiding line in his work, he seeks to engage the viewer in his vision. Additionally, Léo also belongs to the skating collective – les bougs de XL – who have already collaborated with KUMO.



Presenting "Forms of Movement", a set of modular and skateable sculptures. An alternative to the lack of infrastructure for skateboarding in Brussels. Beyond a sporting practice that is embarrassing for some, skateboarding is a vector of experience and formal invention, it produces a new regime of perceptions and affects, forms of movement.



Harold Delhaie (22 years old) spends his time photographing a daily life made of harmonious moments with his buddies. It seems clear when you take a look at what he does. You can almost hear the sound of laughter in your head. "Hahaha, we're having so much fun guys!" is what I think they must be saying to themselves most of the time. When he's not at Mo Square skateboarding, Harold is at the Graphic Research School, where he's been studying photography since this year. He shoots everything in film.





Francesca is a singer and songwriter who defines her style as being strictly soul, hip hop, and RnB. Emotional, eloquent, and expressive, her voice will transport you to a nostalgic and warm place.

20:30-21:00 LILY HEAD

Half British and half Guadeloupean, Lily Head has always had a musical passion brewing within her. At the age of twenty-one, the singer decided to move to Brussels from Wallonia to pursue her untapped potential that could be better explored in the diversity of Brussels’ musical scene. Today, she has already released one EP and a multitude of singles. Always working on something new, Lily Head used the past confinements, quarantines, and the overall pandemic as an opportunity to rediscover herself, while simultaneously attempting to map out her imminent career. She has always stated that being surrounded by positive people is one of the driving forces in her work. Her friends and her team are a constant reminder and support for her writing and creating. This is why the global pandemic proved to be a difficult obstacle for the singer who suddenly found herself alone at home. However, Lily is difficult to keep down and no hurdle is ever too big for her. Over the past year, she has released new singles, music videos, interviews and much more.

21:00-21:30 AVC 

AVC also known as Christophe Sam was born on the 8 of August 1999 in Paris, France. He was raised in London, England where he attended a French international school in the heart of the city. During the summer of 2017, AVC wrote his first ever track with two friends, who’s first initials complete his stage name. In the fall of the same year, AVC moved to Montreal to study, and it is only there, surrounded by other artists, that he began to truly embrace & develop his musical sense. Slowly after having polished his rough edges & gaining experience by working on various songs. AVC kicked off his musical career with his debut single Motionless” in January 2018, with the song managing to reach 3rd place on the Spotify France Viral Top 50 charts.

21:30-22:00 KUNTA

22:00-22:30 TIM


Having debuted with poxcat in 2017, Mikamayonnaise has gone on to play at festivals such as Dour and Horst. Her mixes combine soft and hard styles ranging from ambient to acid, and sometimes include themes like her latest: taking a bath. She carefully handpicks every track in her mixes to make sure they blend into the commonality of the melody, which you will notice when you hear her at Kiosk Radio where she is a resident DJ.

23:00-23:30 WALI CHAKIR

Wali is a graduate from La Cambre where he studied graphic design and typography. What sets him apart is his deep passion for music in general. His heartfelt emotions about music can be found in his diverse repertoire that are showcased during his sets. Extremely versatile, Wali can offer you a set of Bril and Dril music or also offer an easy-going Sunday afternoon set based on soulful RnB beats. For more info, look at his posted reels on his Instagram.

23:30-00:00 KARMA

KARMA makes the BANGERS you didn’t know you needed. KARMA BANGERS IS MUSIC. TRAP MUSIC. AND SOME SURPRISES. KARMA likes BANGERS but KARMA hates you. KARMA can be bitchy, but KARMA got your back. KARMA won’t follow anyone, but KARMA will come for you. KARMA hates rappers but KARMA eats them anyway. KARMA is a rapper but KARMA hates producers. KARMA is a producer but KARMA hates engineers. KARMA is an engineer but KARMA hates rappers. KARMA can seem lonely, but KARMA is never alone. KARMA is one but KARMA is many. KARMA is alone but KARMA never felt lonely.

00:00-00:30 CRISPY GUAVA




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